Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Eesya : Mama, later we go shopping, you buy that triangle yellow chocolate so I can bring to school ok?

Mama : Nak bagi kat sapa?

Eesya : I want to give to Alyssa..

Mama : Why u want to give chocolate to Alyssa?

Eesya : Because yesterday she babap me..

Mama : Huh?? She babap u then u want to give chocolate to her? Why?

Eesya : Ya laaa... So she didn't babap me anymore..

Mama : Alamak.. Ajaran mana pulak nih?? 

Mama : Ok lah.. Later I buy chocolate... U give some to Aqil too ok?

Eesya : Don't want laa..

Mama : Why u don't to share-share with Aqil? Aqil always give candy to you what?

Eesya : Aqil is a good boy.. So no need to give chocolate to him..

Mama : HUHHHHH???

Complicated mind you have there my gurl...


  1. bagus eesya ni..penuh dengan taktik :)

  2. sukar nak memahami pemikiran dan imaginasi budak2 kan..


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