Monday, December 21, 2009

In KL again..

We're in KL again.. this time we means me, eesya, adik, my mom n my dad.. masing-masing ada agenda memasing.. me with my Lotus training.. my dad with his tai chi program.. my mom and adik jalan2 sambil babysit eesya while me go to class ler kan.. Encik Pejoi is not here yet.. have to work as usual and only coming this Thursday..

Tomorrow which is 23rd Dec 2009 is our 3rd Anniversary.. huhu.. sangatlah sedih bcoz we're not together to celebrate.. terpaksalah postpone hingga this Friday ke or this weekend yek abang? nak buat camne.. no choice lah..

Budak eesya sampai2 jer masuk bilik hotel, terus pegi tepi tingkap.. "yey yey.. pool!!" skali tgk2 bawah tak nampak swimming pool.. hahaha.. sian dia.. last month masa dtg KL, stay at the same hotel.. dapat view swimming pool.. kali ni view tak best.. cam masa 1st time dtg dulu..

later i'll update the pics ler.. kalau rajin.. :p

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